Saturday, June 8, 2013

Non Owner Car Insurance Information

What Is Non Owners Car Insurance?

Well, if you have ever rented an automobile or borrowed your friends car, you may be curious as to what type of insurance you have when you are driving it. More often than not, you are covered with some type of insurance policy. If you borrow your friend's vehicle, you will be covered by his insurance policy. If you borrow a zip car, you will be covered by zipcar's insurance. If you rent a car, the rental car company or your credit card company will have coverage for you.
For those rare instances where you do not have car insurance coverage, you will need a "non owner's policy." This type of policy is for people who do not have ownership of the vehicle they drive. These policies are often common in big cities where people do not own vehicles and therefore need to resort to borrowing or renting cars whenever they need one.
Let's take a look at other definitions for "non owners car insurance" across the web.

Non Owners Auto Insurance Definitions -Non-owners auto coverage transfers the fiscal responsibility of paying for accident claims to the insurance provider. If a driver with one of those policies is in a crash, as well as the cars required have regular car insurance, the strategy will cover damages exceeding the primary coverage. Policy owners typically don't have to satisfy deductibles before insurers pay claims. However in the event the state requires nonowner plans to include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, the drivers might have to pay deductibles. Legal fees are covered by these policies as well, if someone sues the motorist.
Additionally they cover healthcare expenses for those injured in a crash. However, you usually cannot add coverage including crash and comprehensive, or features such as towing and rental reimbursements to these strategies.
Persons can save cash by way of using nonowners auto insurance for leases instead of buying coverage from rental car companies. For example, as stated by the web site, non owners auto insurance plans cost $300 to 500 per year depending on the place. To the flip side, people who purchase coverage from rental car companies can pay up to $30 per day. These aren't cost-effective policies for motorists who rarely let cars, however.
Cars Direct - Non owners car insurance is for people who do not have ownership of the cars that they drive. This type of insurance is common amongst people who reside in big cities or metropolitan areas and prefer not to drive a car for reasons like lack of space or high dependence on the city's transit system. - If you don't drive a car regularly but want protection when you do, nonowners car insurance might be a good option. Many auto insurance companies offer this type of coverage, although it's not widely promoted. A policy typically costs a few hundred dollars a year and can make sense for people who frequently rent a car. - A non-owner auto insurance policy covers you for liability when you do not own a vehicle. It is purchased per driver, so multiple drivers are not covered under one policy. Most non-owner auto insurance policies do not provide coverage for medical or any physical damage, however it is possible to find medical coverage depending on the carrier.

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